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French computer science student


Here is a list of all my public plugins made for CS:GO, available to download for free. All of them are under GPLv3 licence, meaning you can read/modify them as long as you agree to the terms of the license.

When available, prefer the github link instead of the alliedmodders one as plugins on github are updated more often.


Date Name Description Links
9/04/2017 Random Weapons Gives players a random weapon on spawn and on a kill. Avatar
17/04/2017 Chicken Wars Counter Strike, but chickens only. Avatar Avatar
03/07/2017 Chicken Strike There's only one who can take down a squad of terrorists and save the hostages, call him in. All cluck, all chicken. Avatar Avatar
23/07/2017 Cameras And Drones CSGO plugin adding cameras and drones to the game. Avatar Avatar
03/12/2017 Tactical shield CSGO plugin adding a tactical shield to the game. Avatar Avatar


Nearly all maps were made using Hammer, only some portal 2 maps were made using the in-game editor (with the BeeMod).


Portal 2